Being basically a service company, human capital is very important in Sicma21, so in order to maintain our GVA philosophy, constant training and updating is essential.

In this line, Sicma21 is also strongly committed to sharing the knowledge and experience acquired with its customers and collaborators. This is where AULA21 comes from, where continuous training is provided in the areas of technological specialization that Sicma21 professionals and their collaborators dominate.

AULA21 has two locations: the first one, located in Montcada i Reixac, and has recently opened its doors in Malgrat de Mar. The courses are not only held in these facilities, but we offer the option of imparting them in situ. This leads us to transmit not only our theoretical knowledge, but our own practical experience updated with companies in the sector.

AULA21 is characterized by offering excellent training guaranteed by the work of its faculty. Our teaching staff offers a methodology based on the integration of theoretical and practical content and a study program that meets the objectives to achieve a comprehensive and at the same time specific technical training.

Our training center has more than 30 in-person technical courses, which in turn are distributed in 4 main areas of Industry 4.0:

  • Industrial automation
  • Information technology
  • Industrial computing
  • Industrial maintenance

We invite you to know our courses, postgraduate and masters in: